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Tinamarie Smith: A Top Political Candidate

For West Goshen Township Supervisor

I want to give back to the community with my strong environmental background that spans 38 years where I have lived in West Goshen for 54 years with my husband and 2 boys. Please elect me to ensure continuation of good environmental stewardship.

With my strong environmental background I have been involved and will continue to contribute in the following areas within WG Township.

1. I am currently on the sustainability committee that oversees and pursues our township projects related to sustainability, renewable and clean energy and environment stewardship. Along with the committee, I have been working on solar energy, renewable energy resources, plastic bags, pedestrian and bicycle access and safety, and many more initiatives which helps inform, educate and implement long term plans to work towards 100% renewable energy.
2. I have been serving on the Sewer Authority Board for 4.5 years where I was involved in working with the Board, Engineers & WG staff on the failing sewer infrastructure by surveying, developing a plan of action, budgeting, determine funding sources, implement, and create a 5 and 10 year engineering expenditure capital plan.

4. Served on the interview committee to hire the next chief of police.
5. While serving as Township Supervisor, I would work on the existing failing storm water infrastructure, similar to how I worked at the existing sewer plant at WG with the Sewer Board, engineers & WG staff which created a newer and better functioning infrastructure.

Issues I will Work on as Township Supervisor

1. Develop and implement improved environmental stewardship programs.

2. Develop a pipeline emergency response plan

3. Bring a balanced approach to future Development and Zoning changes

4. Continue to serve on the WG Sewer Authority Board (member for 4.5 years)

5. Continue to be an advocate on the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAC)

6. Committed to improving the Township's storm water and sewer infrastructure.

7. Continue to work  on the solar energy committee

8. Continue to work on the new voters committee

9. Support the police department community engagement initiatives

10. Continue to help & support my husband on the WG Parks & Recreation Committee where he has been a volunteer member on the committee for 28 years

11. Listen and respond to residents needs and concerns

12. Utilize my 38 years' experience protecting the environment in the fields of regulatory compliance and environmental engineering

Credentials and Experience:

38 Years Environmental Experience

  • Holds an Associate & Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • 38 years' experience working in the environmental, regulatory, environmental compliance, environmental engineering while protecting the environment.

  • Leader on many environmental groups, committee meetings, International Institutes and Boards.

  • Technical environmental consultant for Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) to develop environmental standards for the industry.

  • Served on the Board of "PEI Women" for 2 years. The mission statement of PEI Women was to provide women in the fuel equipment & services industry with programs & resources that address the challenges unique to women in the industry in order to help them grow personally & professionally, and to contribute to their organizations'

  • Developed and managed environmental policies/procedures/projects.

  • Interpreting regulations, while working extensively with a cross section of government & regulatory agencies in 50 states on a daily basis.

  • Assisted legal in formulating environmental defenses, drafting & implementing policies & procedures.

  • Ensure all regulations are adhered to from O&M, environmental compliance, engineering, maintenance, Phase I & II environmental site assessments, and legal.

  • Developed, managed, implemented & enacted proactive environmental programs and training programs to further protect the environment.

  • I am approved (in states of PA, NJ, NY, HI, TX, FL, MD) to develop and provide training for the mandated regulatory Operator A, B & C training for owners of underground storage tanks to ensure education, compliance and avoid environmental damage.

  • Served on state and regulatory task forces while working with the regulatory communities and industries.

  • Managed storage tank programs for various commercial and industrial clients.

  • 38 years experience in environmental, safety and health management from both the petroleum industry and consulting business sectors.

  • Technical knowledge of tanks (aboveground & underground).

  • Expertise in remediation, including designing programs for regulatory compliance, emergency response, remediation of sites, due diligence, permitting, registrations, develops & conducts environmental and compliance training programs, hazardous waste, MSDS, leak detection, vapor recovery, compliance testing, SARA, RCRA, environmental & safety-health audits/assessments/inspections, regulatory analysis, as well as Notice of Violations (NOV) resolution.

Tinamarie Smith

Thank you for your interest in Tinamarie Smith. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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